Invited Speakers

Confirmed Speakers


  • Maurice Fallon — University of Edinburgh, UK.
    Title: “Multi-sensor Perception for Robust Localization of Humanoids and Quadrupeds”
  • Andrea Del Prete (Nicolas Mansard, Olivier Stasse) — LAAS-CNRS, France.
    Title: “Robust Optimization and Motion Memory for Reliable Robotics”
  • Marco Hutter — ETH Zurich, Switzerland.
    Title: “Autonomous Legged Locomotion on Industrial Sites – ANYmal at the ARGOS competition”
  • Maren Bennewitz — University of Bonn, Germany.
    Title: “Perception and Motion Planning for Humanoids in 3D Environments”
  • Alex Stumpf (Oskar von Stryk) — TU Darmstadt, Germany.
    Title: Towards Capable Open Source ROS-Frameworks for Real-Time Perception, World Modeling and Footstep Planning for Humanoid and Legged Robots
  • Taskin Padir — Northeastern Univ., USA.
    Title: “Compositional Autonomy for Humanoid Robots”


  • Ludovic Righetti — MPI, Germany.
    Title: “Towards more robust planning and control of contacts for locomotion”
  • Patrick Wensing — MIT, USA.
    Title: “Real-time planning and control for the MIT Cheetah”
  • Diego Pardo (Jonas Buchli) — ETH Zurich, Switzerland.
    Title: “Motion planning and control of legged robots:  Optimization-based approaches demonstrated on a real hydraulically actuated quadruped robot”
  • Francesco Nori — IIT, Italy.
    Title: “iCub Whole-Body Control Through Force Regulation with Distributed Tactile Sensing”
  • Evangelos Papadopoulos — NTUA, Greece.
    Title: “Legged Robot Control Using Passive Dynamics and Active Compliance”
  • Luis Sentis — University of Texas at Austin, USA.
    Title: TBD